A cave expedition in Georgia (December 2023)

When Racki’s mother and her husband had visited us, they had fallen when we tried to approach a cave. Because we did not want to lose them or let them die in the forest, we canceled our approach and brought them back to safety.

Now Racki and I went again to that cave. It was an interesting small hike with a very cold river crossing and beautiful lightning in the cave.

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Thor gets Georgian license plates (December 2023)

Our plan was to spend the winter in Gudauri, the biggest ski resort in Georgia.

Racki wanted to find a job there and I was looking forward to learning snowboarding.

So we decided to get the temporary Georgian license plates for Racki’s car Thor. These ones are valid for three years and with them we won’t need to make a border run every three months.

The process of getting them was partly confusing and did take us about five hours in the offices in Rustavi.

If you ever want to do it, stick to this order:

  1. Technical inspection (if you have a camper car, you need to get a special document there which says you have a car of the category “special”)
  2. Getting a tax number
  3. Document that says how much you have to pay
  4. Paying at the bank office
  5. To another desk which checks everything and gives you all the necessary papers
  6. Getting license plates

It may be a good idea to have a friendly Georgian on the phone who can explain and translate when getting stuck in the process.