What’s the self, snow, flat tyre and goodbye (March 2023)

There were only a few days left for Serpentine on Cyprus and so we headed to the last two areas we wanted to see. The first was Olympus Mountain (1952m), the highest mountain on Cyprus. The hike around its “peak” was much more enjoyable than we thought it would be and there was even enough snow to build a little snow man. A snow man with a dick who is peeing – of course…

On our way down to the nice turtle beach close to Limassol Rosinante had her first flat tyre and we had to change the wheel.

Our last night we spent witnessing the sunset and I’m always looking back at these days with joy and gratitude. After the time of boredom and unsatisfactory this time together with Serpentine felt like healing. Now that I’m writing this, these days felt I somehow found “myself” again. Or who I could be. Or whatever I had been, I was or will be, will always perfectly fine. These days felt like grounding. Weeks ago I had been thinking and struggling with what to change to end my boredom and loneliness. Dealing with what was wrong. Before Serpentine arrived, I somehow let go of this struggling and craving and the suffering. I guess that my meditation routine and the online meetings with Bright Way Zen helped me and were a nice companion of this inner journey of mine. The time together with Serpentine then felt uplifting and like the time after one has been sick.

And for the first time since I started my traveling I felt like it would be nice to travel together for a long time with someone else. I started thinking about how and when I could maybe invite people to join my journey.

Old friendships can be healing and Akamas love (March 2023)

One of my best friends from Germany came visiting me on Cyprus and we had a wonderful time. Before Serpentine arrived, I had already visited a lot of Cyprus and of course I had to show her Akamas.

From the first moment on I felt super happy for being with someone I really knew. It just felt good, somehow stabilizing and of course we had a lot of fun. It felt as if we hadn’t seen each other in months.

We did some hiking, went swimming, chilled, enjoyed nature and freedom and collected a whole lot of sea salt directly from the rocks.